Sure, the music industry is in constant flux, and it's bound to change more. One thing is not likely to budge, though: an artist's or band's music video remains their single most powerful piece of marketing currency. A well-crafted, fully-realized music video could inscribe the face of an artist on the memories of millions. Even with a low budget, a creative clip can vault an unknown group from basement status to the big leagues. A video can establish an artist's brand, aesthetic, and message faster and more efficiently than anything else he or she can make.

For close to two decades here at HIP Video, we've seen the impressive uptick a compelling visual can provide to an independent band or artist. But it needs to be the "right" video: memorable with considerable attention to detail. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so going "all in" is an absolute must.

There's a famous saying of "measure twice, cut once." When it comes to music videos, having a good plan ahead of time can be the difference between creating a memorable visual and an ambitious dud. If you have a solid game plan in place, you've already cleared the first hurdle. Keep in mind that part of having a plan is also planning for the unexpected. Often the best moments are unplanned, and you should always be ready to capture those. Aside from keeping your budget on point, it will also allow you and your team time to flesh out ideas, get creative, and get ready to shoot. Being able to communicate and share ideas with your director and team is pivotal in the success of creating a music video. When each person is bringing their best ideas to the table, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. A good idea can always make up for a small budget, but a weak concept is just throwing good money at a bad problem.

At HIP Video, we've seen first hand what it takes to capture viewers' attention. During our nineteen years of promoting music videos, the hundreds of success stories we've been a part of speak for themselves. Our team approaches each new music video project with a keen eye for treatment, aesthetic, flow, and marketability. Being music video marketers, we know what sells.

Reach out to Andy Gesner and Rob Fitzgerald at HIP Video, and we can schedule a call. Failure to plan is like planning to fail, so call or email at your earliest convenience!